Farmers’ Markets Founder and Market Manager Joan O’Connor is actively looking for a creative, community-spirited partner who can provide a site and site-related services for the winter seasons. The ideal indoor market location will have great road access and visibility, be 12-15,000 square feet indoors, with at least 100-150 parking spaces, and be minimally heated. Although the markets have had great success in the Lakes Region, O’Connor is expanding her view to include other parts of the state. “I can take this anywhere,” she said.

For a business interested in doing something great for their community and for local economic development, as well as assuming a high-profile leadership role, this is a win-win.” O’Connor also seeks donations and financial support for the expansion and relocation initiative.

Joan O’Connor, a resident of Henniker, has long been active on both agriculture and farmers’ markets initiatives in New Hampshire. She founded the successful Concord Winter Farmers’ Market before creating the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market in 2011. She has been active as a volunteer on a variety of issues affecting small farms and producers in the state. She currently serves as a board member for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH (NOFA-NH). Most recently, she strategized with her State Representative and Senator to bring forward Senate Bill 306. This law now allows beer and wine tasting at farmers’ markets. To permit the sampling of beer and wine at farmers’ markets, NH joins several other states which also offer this marketing opportunity to local wineries and microbreweries.

Interested citizens or business owners who have ideas about a perfect location for a thriving indoor farmers’ market (or businesses and individuals interested in providing financial support) should contact Joan O’Connor by phone at 603.496.1718 or email at